Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What a beautiful day! Braylen and I met with Aunt Jess and Grandma Hicks and spent the morning walking and shopping in downtown Bellevue. They have some super cute shops and Jess and I scored some awesome spring jackets from the consignment shop Bella On the Avenue. Then we had lunch at the Bellevue Bistro which was awesome. Best chicken salad ever! Braylen had a grilled cheese. Braylen was a good little shopper but by the end we had to let him out of his stroller to walk on the sidewalk. Of course he said hello to everyone who passed by. He is not shy at all. He just has so much fun doing anything. He loves being outside too. He runs really fast and makes these funny noises. Hilarious.

I was just looking at our wedding pictures and I just still tear up thinking about that day! What a wonderful day! Everything was just so beautiful. I'm so thankful to be Guy's wife!

Tonight we have our all area club for Young Life. It should be a good time and we are hoping more Boone students will come out with us. Braylen is spending time with Collin and Aunt Barb and Jeff. He will have a blast I am sure!

Have a great afternoon!

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