Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

We have had such a busy and wonderful weekend! Friday night Braylen and I hung out with Aunt Jess while Guy and Vince were at a bachelor party. Guy is the best man in our friend's wedding this coming weekend so he hosted a poker night at our house. Jess and I spent the night at mom and dad's house and stayed up watching "Say Yes to the Dress!" on TLC (I love cable!) and we baked a cake. Then we woke up the next morning and drove down to Butler State Park for Mother's Day activities with my mom's side of the family. It was so much and Braylen had a great time. There was this group of like 15 kids that he just loved waiving to (although none of them waived back!!). One little boy had a big wheel and Bray freaked out every time he rode by. He loved that thing! He also had a good time pushing his lawn mower around and singing/dancing to "Ring Around the Rosie." We drove home around Braylen's bedtime thinking he would fall asleep in the car but that little rascal stayed up the whole time! He just sang and laughed at himself the whole ride home. He finally fell asleep in his bed once we got home. He's so cool.

Today was Mother's Day! I tear up thinking about how much I love our little boy and how much joy he brings to our lives. He is so amazing. I'm so blessed to be able to stay home with him everyday. Guy allowed me to sleep in a little bit this morning and got Braylen up and ready. I had some time to myself to get ready for church. I feel like I am NEVER alone so that was nice. We went to church and then to a nice lunch with the Jon, Peggy, and Amy (on a side note-Peggy informed me that it's really NOT "pronounced 'dough-mac' but 'dough-MEC'. I just think dough-mac is how most people say it. However the correct way to pronounce it is MEC.). We went home to put the munchkin down for a nap and then back out to mom and dad's for the Hicks' side dinner. Braylen had a rough evening and seemed to be more fussy than normal but after he had some ice cream in him, he was good to go. He definitely got dizzy during his "ring around the rosie" dance but it was hilarious. We had a great day and I am very thankful for my wonderful MD gifts. I was reminded by a friend that it is the Lord who I should be thanking for today's amazing blessings and gifts. He is always so good and gracious and makes everything possible. May He always be the first to thank and praise everyday of our lives!

Tonight Corrine is coming to stay with us and tomorrow is day 1 of the 30 day Dinner challenge! I already planned out our week and will keep you posted with how things are going! Good night!

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