Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting Ready for Baby

We have 9 days to go until the arrival of Baby Brother. We have a few names picked out but we cannot decide what his name should be! I think it might be kind of fun to wait to see what he looks like! Braylen keeps saying his name is Frosty Shoes. Goofball.

Braylen and I took a walk to the park this morning. It's climbing into the 60's today and I am hoping to walk this baby right out! Hasn't worked yet, but I did love my time with Braylen. We held hands the entire way. He said things like mom, you're my best friend. I love you so much! He also tried to protect me from the barking dogs of the neighborhood. He said you stay over here and I'll walk here because you don't like dogs and I do. ha! I just treasure this time with him! I wonder how bringing a new baby will change the dynamics of our family but I'm excited too. Bray says he is going to help change his diaper and teach him to play baseball.

We've been working these past few months around the house getting everything ready for the baby. Back in December we switched Braylen into Guy's office/guest bedroom and moved Guy's stuff down to the unfinished basement. Braylen's old room is the nursery again. Braylen's room is awesome! We finally have a place to store all of his toys and he loves playing up there. He spends at least an hour or so every few days just playing by himself. And he's sleeping in a twin size bed. He's so big!

The nursery is coming together. We have everything ready for him. Clothes washed, diapers and wipes ready, blankets folded.......Just waiting on his arrival. I still need to hang up some picture frames and buy a lamp. I found this really cute, very big picture frame from Babies R Us. It was originally $40 and marked down to $8! It was an FAO Schwartz theme so I just removed the weird picture and will add something of my own. The matting is a cute blue and white stripe. I decided on a yellow/gray theme for the nursery but really it's turning into whatever I have around the house and whatever I see in the store that is cute and cheap. There are some teals, light blues, and and navy's mixed in too. I recovered a few pillows in yellow and gray fabric, and I'm hoping to sew some curtains but I'm not going to worry about it. I still need to finish the ones for Braylen's room! I finally finished my nursing cover. I had bought the material from JoAnn's forever ago but since the store was closing, they weren't ordering more items and I needed some boning for around the neck. Hobby Lobby finally restocked their's and I was able to finish it. It's a little time consuming to make it but fairly easy! And since Baby Brother is due during the first round of NCAA tournament, I just had to make him a UK burp cloth. I've also packed a UK sleeper as his going away outfit. You can be sure that the game will be on if UK is playing while I am delivering. If the baby comes early, maybe I'll just decide to take him down to New Orleans next month for the Final Four. What do you think Guy???? :)


Nursing cover

Burp cloth

I just finished a pinterest project that I've been wanting to work on. I love using Pinterest! It's awesome! I have saved so many DIY's and recipes, that I'll never get to them all. But this one caught my eye because Guy and I both grew up in different states. I thought it would be cute to have in our house. I think it turned out great! And Guy loves it! The pic is from my phone so it's a little blurry but you get the idea.

Happy Wednesday!