Thursday, March 7, 2013

3 Month Hiatus

There really hasn't been a huge reason for not blogging. Just lack of time or patience I guess. Plus we put all of our photos onto Guy's computer and I just don't get on that much. I am a little sad to not have documented things during Austin's first year. He turns 1 next weekend. There is so much to say and think about! His birthday is also the same day that my mom's journey began. Lots of memories that will resurface over these next few weeks and months. But for the sake of saving memories, here is what has happened these last few months.

December: we had lots of family fun and Christmas parties. Guy has 2 weeks off during Christmas so we spent a lot of time at home! Guy is a really good cook and he made most of our meals during his off-time. I bought him a cook book for Christmas and it's still working to our advantage!

January: this is the month of birthdays. Guy, Braylen and I all celebrate our birthdays in January. Which leaves us full of bday outings, parties, cavities from cake and ice cream and lots of extra naps from exhaustion. Guy and I go to Beninhana's for our free bday dinners and this year Braylen came with us. He was so polite to the chef and to the other guests at our table. He even got to pick out a Benihana birthday mug. It's quite ugly but he loves it.

We also went to New Orleans to celebrate Guy's grandmothers birthday. She turned 90. No big deal. Mommy I is the sweetest, most southern little lady and we love going down to visit her. She had a cocktail, sit down dinner at this fancy restaurant called Ralph's at the Park. Super fun. I always love an excuse to exchange my comfy clothes for a pretty dress. Braylen got to ride the street cars so he was pleased.

Once the Meiman's returned home from Charlotte (for good!), we celebrated Christmas with my family. It was fun to have an extended Christmas weekend!

The last weekend of January we spent with friends at Great Wolf Lodge for the annual YL retreat. So fun. Great worship, great time with friends and our kids. I ruined Braylen's chances of riding a big waterslide last year, when I "accidentally" took him down a huge one. He will NOT go down one again. Which is a bummer because Guy and I love them. Actually, thanks Ben and Maria for watching our kids so we can go down the greatest waterslide ever! #kidsatheart

February: to continue our birthday events, we were sooo busy in January that we had Braylen's bday party in February. Our nonstop need to plan parties and have fun, has gotten a little out of hand. We had the brilliant idea of using the YL inflatables to celebrate his 5 year milestone. Although it was so fun to see all of the crazy kids jumping and playing, it was super overwhelming and stressful to plan it outside our house. I'm not sure why I thought it would be easy. I'm surprised that Guy didn't launch a blow up through the window. We had the party at Master Provisions and invited lots of family and friends from Kid's Academy. Despite a snow storm from that morning, lots of friends still showed up! We served Gumbo, taco soup and chili with crackers, fruit, and veggies. Of course we had a Batman cake and birthday cookies. We also had a little hot chocolate "bar." If you ever have a winter party (which if you celebrate Christmas, you do!), you have to serve this hot chocolate. It is so good and was such a great drink to serve during a snow storm.

Valentine's day came and went, but the boys had matching clothes and looked cute.

Austin had his final physical therapy appointment in February too. He started seeing his therapist in July 2012! I'm so excited to have seen all of the progress he has made.

March: guess what we're celebrating in March? That's right. Another birthday. But hopefully I'll have another post for that special day. And then another post with how to lose all of these extra "birthday/cake/ice cream/party pounds" that I've accumulated these last few months.

What's a post without pictures?! Thanks for checking in our family.

Snow angels and sledding at grammy's and poppy's!

Braylen's BFF Kaleb

This kid loves his pacifier! 

Apparently, so do I.


So funny! 

Batman birthday!

So blessed. As much as I would like to have a "no presents bday party" the kids love seeing their friend open their special gift. So sweet. 

If you do want to ever buy my oldest a gift, please just give him fancy clothes. He loves to dress up.

Sam Davis couldn't wait to cut the cake. haha!

Austin got a little present too that day. 

Valentine's day buddies. 

Braylen had the flu this week but losing his tooth was a major highlight. 

My sweet boy. Blue eyes for days.

Austin at PT. His last visit!

Braylen's friends!

Happy almost spring!