Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I realize that it's been a few weeks since my last post! I think I enjoy reading other people's blogs rather than updating my own! But I know that I will love looking back as our family grows. 

We are still looking for another car! Using one car is definitely not easy but it's okay. Sometimes Braylen and I can take Guy to work in the morning and we'll have the car for the day. We can also walk to Krogers on Mall Road by walking through neighborhoods. I love doing that and using Bray's stroller as a cart! The problem is, it hasn't stopped raining!! I am hoping that the warm weather sticks around. Braylen also had a nasty sinus infection that lasted for 2 weeks! He was taking multiple naps everyday and going to bed early. So out of character for him. But he is back to himself and back to skipping naps. :) I didn't even try a nap today. I think he still needs one because he can be super cranky at night but what do you do?!

Guy's spring semester at school is wrapping up and he is doing really well. He's pretty excited to have 2 years of school completed! So am I. I am so proud of him. He works so so so hard for our family. He never complains and seems to manage all of his many important roles in a way that "leaves room" for loving and serving others. We continue to pray for people to join our support team with Master Provisions (where Guy works) as we are working on fundraising for his salary. If you are interested in joining our team, let me know! :)

We had a wonderful Easter celebration in NKY this year! We missed my family though-my parents and sis/brother in law were in Charlotte and other family members were up in Madison, IN visiting my uncles church. We had a great lunch at my in law's and an wonderful dinner at a friends house. We did a small easter egg hunt with Braylen that morning. We told him that mommy and daddy hid the eggs, not the bunny....... still not sure how I feel about lying to my kid about it. He loved it. We put money in some of the eggs and he said "hey that's not candy! This is not fair!" so funny!

God is so good! We feel so blessed by him and so in awe of how incredibly personal he is! I know I said this in the last post but I feel like he has been so intentional with our family. God is always intentional-from the very beginning of time. He knew exactly what he was doing. I don't think I'm ever aware of it or allow myself to slow down to see where he is working. I am such a creature of comfort and of habit. I don't allow God to work because I'm constantly putting up walls. It's not until I have built a house around me that I cry out for help. Needless to say, we are learning and growing. I hope to remember this time in our lives in the years to come. 

Also I hope everyone is enjoying the first week of May! I can't believe it's May! We have some super fun things coming up-bachorlette party, rehearsal dinner, WEDDING!!, my sister's BABY SHOWER!!, and YL Leader Weekend! So many fun things. My mom and I have been coming up with a few fun things for the shower! Can't wait to bless my sis and her family with little baby gifts. I have even been using my sewing machine. Braylen is still not sure what it means to have a cousin but he'll figure it out.

The other day I had a "helper" in the kitchen:

I never thought I'd be making lunch next to a snake! Boys are so fun. 

We had a giant tree branch fall during one of our many storms! Thank goodness it did not hit our house! Picking up the sticks was not fun. But a nice workout. :)

Hope you all have a great week!