Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Zoo & Chuck

Hello! Braylen had such a busy weekend! Saturday morning we took him to the zoo for the first time! We got there at 9am (when it opens) and that was a great time to go. It wasn't crowded and the animals were top notch! Braylen was in awe to see these huge animals walking around. He was scared every once in a while but he had an awesome time. Here is a picture of him seeing an elephant for the first time.

We had packed a lunch and while we were eating a peacock came and joined us. Braylen had dropped some of us bread on the ground so the peacock came over to eat it. Braylen didn't seem to notice otherwise I think he would have freaked. Then we went to a Cheetah Run! They have this show where they make the cheetahs sprint and they explain everything about them! Braylen did not really enjoy this because I had to force him to sit on my lap! He just wanted to go play! But Guy loved it, so at least one of my boys enjoyed the show. :) Here is a picture of Guy and Braylen (my favorite picture). They were walking on the "Jungle Trails." And below is a family picture!

Saturday night Braylen stayed with Jon and Peggy while Guy and I went on a dinner date and to a wedding! We had a great time. We had made some money from the yard sale at my parents house :) so we decided to have dinner at the Tousey House in Burlington. It was delicious! We shared the spinach and artichoke dip (which was amazing) and the cream of Chicken soup (yummy). And then Guy had halibut and I had a chicken sandwich. You should definitely check it out. Very good. Then we went to Lindsey Burcham's wedding at 7pm. It ended up being a long night but we enjoyed it.

The next day we had a good time at home just the three of us. We weren't able to go to church but listened to a sermon online. You can check it out at our YL Leader Resource page and it's called "Calling." Braylen played in his inflatable swimming pool and loved it. He loves water so much. Guy let him play with the hose and Braylen thought it was the coolest. That night we decided to take him to Chuck E Cheeses since we had a coupon. Well Chuck E came out from this door all dressed up and Braylen literally SCREAMED! I mean screamed his little heart out. It was so so sad! He was so scared. I had to unbuckle him from the high chair and take him away. Poor kid. I can relate though........... took me years to get over those furry characters. :)

Hope everyone has a great week! Thanks for reading!

Friday, June 5, 2009

100% boy

What a great day today! The weather is awesome. This morning Braylen woke up around 7:45am and he was in a great mood! These past few mornings he has just been fussy and wanted to be held all day long. He was running around like crazy. After breakfast we went upstairs to change his dirty diaper. I had waited to change it until he went #2. :) He has had diarrhea these past few days, so I shut his bedroom door and let him run around a bit airing out his clean bottom. I started to hang some clothes when all of a sudden I heard this "watery noise"-like water hitting plastic or a can. I turned around and Braylen was holding his trash can and peeing into it!!!!! Oh my goodness. He had a big laugh about that when I freaked out. It was so funny. Of course he wasn't tall enough to get ALL the pee into it so a little bit got on the carpet. No big deal to him. It was hilarious. I carefully removed the trash can (after he was finished of course) and took it downstairs to empty it out and clean it. He is no doubt 100% boy. So funny. I put his diaper on after that. He's like a little doggy.

After that, we went out to do a few errands-shopping for a booster seat, sandals, a wedding gift for tomorrow's wedding, and then we met Guy for lunch. Braylen was laughing at everyone. Guy had taken him to his bible study dinner this past Tuesday and he said he was able to get a glimpse into my daily life with Braylen because like "20 people" came up to talk to him! I said you mean 20 girls? He said girls and old people. Ha. But seriously it takes me like an hour to go grocery shopping because Braylen is so friendly with everyone.

After lunch we went to pick up my new ring! Yea! Glad to finally have it back. It is beautiful and I was able to get $50 back! nice. Not sure how we managed to get money and a new diamond but not complaining.

Tomorrow will be fun for us since we are going to take Braylen to the zoo for the first time. My goal is to leave the house by 8:30am! We'll see. I'll update you on our trip and post some pictures!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So one of Braylen's new things is to scream!!! And scream loudly!!! And scream some more. He just thinks it's so funny. It is hard not to laugh except when we are out to eat or in a public place. It's not like he's screaming because he's mad, but he does it because.....well I guess he thinks it's cool to scream. :) Who knows. He did get mad at me today because I wouldn't let him play with my finger nail clippers and he went to his little lawn mower and knocked it over. Now that was definitely hard to not laugh at. It's just amazing that he is forming this little personality. He is so full of emotion! My friend Amy told me that when her Samantha was a baby she would smile and laugh at everyone. She wasn't shy like Braylen. And Amy used to pray that Samantha would smile at the right people-to those who needed a little pick me up. I mean who doesn't love a happy baby! So I've thought a lot about that and the other day we passed an older man in a wheel chair and he had these black spots all over his face. And Braylen just looked at him and waved and smiled and said "hi!" The man just lit up and was waiving back to him. It was so cute! I really think that God uses babies all the time to minister to the broken hearted. Thank you Jesus for our happy baby!