Est. 2006

Guy and I were married after dating for a year and half. We met through Young Life and mutual friends. Our friendship grew and phone calls, movies, dinners, games started to become normal for us. I still thought we were friends but Guy knew that he wanted to be more! When a friend told me that Guy was certain I didn't want to date him, I immediately freaked out and thought I don't want him thinking that! Funny how girls are. We started dating officially September 2004 and were engaged by May 2006. Look how young we were! 

We got married on November 11, 2006 and it was an amazing night. Our ceremony was so sweet and personal and our reception was overflowing with friends and family. We actually ran out of food because so many people came! That's what happens when you minister to high em!


Honeymoon pic

Fast forward 5 months later and SURPRISE! We're having a baby! WHAT???????????? We were not planning on having children that quickly but God obviously knows us better. And there we were.......newlyweds, having a baby. 

It's a boy!

I was HUGE when I got pregnant and I barely took any pictures! We did have pictures taken professionally by Masterworks Photography but I never bought any. You can view them on their website because they use them to promote their company. Did we get any free pics though? NO! 

I finally went into labor on January 15, 2008. 5 days past my due date. My delivery story is long and painful. :) Water broke, epidural ran out, delivered a 9 pound baby.....craziness. 

January 15, 2008
9 pounds, 1 ounce
21.5 inches long

Yes, he's smiling. For the camera. 

Well, he was caught yawning but you don't need to know that. 

The first 4 weeks were the hardest days of my life. Very painful and confusing and tiring. After that though, Braylen transitioned into a wonderful routine and started sleeping through the night at 10 weeks! He is a Babywise baby and I highly recommend this book and routine to all new parents. I really attribute how well mannered Braylen is to being put on a great schedule and always feeling rested and fed. 

Our life has completely flipped upside down now that we are parents. We love Braylen so much and it's such a joy watching him grow. (10-27-10 when I am writing this I just had to put him in time out for climbing on top of a dresser!!!) We are so thankful that the Lord brought us together and feel even more affirmed of our marriage now that we have a son! We look forward to raising Braylen on Godly principles that we hope and pray will teach him to serve the Lord as he grows older. 

Oct. 2010


Fast forward 2 years later, and we are now a family of 4! 

We welcomed baby Austin on 3-16-12 and couldn't be more thrilled to be the parents of 2 precious boys. 

Austin is currently (11-5-12) wearing a helmet for "flat head syndrome" but he is doing great and we hope that he graduates out of the helmet in a couple of weeks. 

Austin is the sweetest, most playful, little nugget. He loves to be held and played with. He started doing the army crawl around 6 months! He is so strong and fast. 

Braylen loves baby Austin and we pray that God is preparing a great friendship between the two of them. We so look forward to what God has in store for our little family.