Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day Two

Braylen is napping right now so I thought I would take a few minutes to update our new blog. These past few days have been so crazy and I still have a ton of cleaning, laundry, organizing to do. But first I need to watch the Lost episode that I missed last night! :) Priorities right?

I've been trying to keep track of how many calories I eat and have realized that I consume way too many carbs everyday! Anyone know how to stop craving them? Weight loss is so frustrating and hard!

This morning Braylen woke up at 6am! Guy had to wake up early for accountability so he went up there and calmed him down because Braylen was of course up and ready for the day (he wakes up singing by the way). So then Braylen fell back asleep until 8:45am! Yes! He is awesome. We had to go shopping to buy snacks for Guy's party tomorrow night and I asked Braylen to go get me his shoes and he totally did! He is so smart! At the store he was waving to everybody and saying "ba-bye!" He is the coolest.

Tonight we have dinner with Jon and Peggy which will be nice to catch up. And this weekend is filled with parties and Mother's Day activities! Can't wait!

Also Monday starts a new 30 day challenge that I have set up for myself. The challenge will be to not eat out at a restaurant for dinner for 30 days! I have not cooked a meal for my family in FOREVER and I feel like the Lord wants me to serve them with a good, healthy meal. I'll keep you posted with the results and will hopefully add recipes to all the meals I prepare.

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