Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Not sleepy

For some reason I'm not tired! It's 11:30pm and the boys are asleep but I am wide awake. We had a busy day today. This morning Bray and I went to the YMCA so that I could have some "mommy" time and when I picked him up from child watch, they told me that he had climbed on top of the table like 10 times! He is crazy. Then we went to storytime at the library. There were about 15 or so babies and mom's there and Bray had such a great time! He danced and talked to everyone there. He was not shy at all and was really in his element. Loves being the center of attention. Then we came home and ate lunch. Today he tried black beans and of course loved them. He got the juice all over his face and hair so I gave him a bath afterwards. He is just so much fun! Then we met up with my parents for dinner which was great. Bray made friends with an older couple behind us. We went shopping afterwards and I spent way too much money. Corrine (our co-Young Life leader at Boone County) is staying with us for a week or so and I needed to buy bedding for her. We organized the extra bedroom upstairs and added a bed that we borrowed from my parents and it looks so cute! I hope that she feels comfortable there.

I want to use our blog to inform family and friends what is happening with our little family. We love Braylen so much and I am excited to write down and record the crazy things that he does everyday!

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  1. Sounds like things are going great! Good luck in your 30 day challange. Let me know how that goes. I wish we could go 30 days without eating out. That's pretty hard to do! You guys should come watch Jenna and Jared play when you get a chance. They are doing awesome!