Sunday, May 17, 2009

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So one week down of the dinner challenge and we didn't do that bad. I only had to cook two dinners though. Ha. Our life is crazy. Thursday we had a rehearsal dinner, Friday Guy was the best man in Mike and Kim's wedding (which was soooo beautiful!), Saturday we did a big group hangout with friends and watched the new Star Trek (which wasn't that bad!), and Sunday we hosted the Young Life booth at the First Church Mission's Fair. We had a very busy schedule. We also took Corinne to the airport on Saturday morning so she could fly to Ireland! We miss you!

Braylen has been figuring out our bedtime schedule and has been very adamant about not going to sleep! Last Tuesday he started freaking out before I put him down and the next two nights he was the same way! Finally last night and tonight he did fine. We just had to let him cry it out, which only last for a few minutes. He's awesome. He has been the center of attention and has loved it! At Mike and Kim's rehearsal dinner, he had so much fun. And then today at the mission's fair he went around to all the other booths just waiving to people and saying hi. So cute. He even went up to strangers to give them hugs! He is not shy at all! I love that kid. I'm so looking forward to hearing him complete real sentences. His other word is "uh." It's the universal term for EVERYTHING. "Abee" has been more of a song lately. He'll sing "abee" and just sway his head or pick up his feet to dance.

Guy and Braylen bought me a Zoo membership for mother's day so I am hoping to go this week! But we'll see what happens. We have another very busy week. Monday-hang out with YL students, Tuesday-bible studies, Wednesday-All area club, Thursday-Domec's, Friday-leave for Virginia and the YL leader retreat. So much to do! God is good though! Also congrats to my cousin Ryan for graduating! Can't wait to find out if you and Jen are having a boy or girl! I think boy! Hm....maybe girl though. :)

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