Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Southern Christmas

Wow. It has been a long time since I have posted anything. I do not like going weeks without updating our blog! Did you know that you can upload your blog and "X" company will create a book out of your blog posts? I really want to do that one day. How fun it will be to look back through the years!

Since we last left off.......over a month ago......Guy and I had celebrated our 4 year anniversary! We enjoyed dinner at Brio's and it was delicious. Guy's steak came out over cooked so when our bill came they said we weren't being charged for it! We talked about favorite moments in our relationship and things that we love about our family. God has certainly challenged and blessed us these last few years. I never, ever could have planned what has happened but I am thankful for where we are today. 

We enjoyed spending time with our family during Thanksgiving! Jess and Vince came in town too. We ate with Guy's family for lunch and then headed over to my grandparents house (my dad's side) for dinner. Then we all went to the movies! Including Braylen! This is a tradition that we've had for years! I love it. We saw Megamind and it was really funny. This year we had Thanksgiving on my mom's side on Friday instead of Thurs. I'm so glad we did that this year! We're normally running around to three different places on Thanksgiving but we were able to slow down, visit, and enjoy our time this year. 

We had a great time and Eric and Kristan's wedding on Dec. 10th-Jess and Vince came in town for the weekend so we had more time with them! Did I mention my sister is pregnant??????? I don't think so. She is about 13 weeks right now and we are so excited for them! We also celebrated my dad's birthday on that Saturday which was so nice having us all together. We went to watch my dad's bball game (he is a ref for varsity high school games) and it was at the Bank of KY Center. They were having a charity game and were giving away prizes through a raffle. Well my number was picked! We won a $150 grocery gift card to Remke's! How cool is that? I was excited. It's actually a really neat story. Ask me about it. :) 

We also managed to play in the snow one day! It was freezing. 

Braylen has been painting more. He is wearing his "painting" hat. 

Here were are at the library for Christmas crafts. 

With our leader team at the YL Christmas Party!

The next week (Dec. 16th) we left for our family trip to New Orleans! We drove all day and finally arrived at 2am our time. The next few days were PACKED seeing family, friends, eating, shopping, eating, walking, eating.....did I mention that we ATE down there? I use to have very boring taste buds until I started dating Guy that is! Now I am more open to trying new things (not oysters! or much seafood for that matter) but I now like foods with more flavor and spice! I had my fair share of red beans and rice, gumbo, and beignets. We had a wonderful trip and were so thankful to be down there with Guy's family! 

A few highlights: the family reunion with the Domec's, lunch with the Noffsinger's in the quarter, seeing my super-cute/gonna-have-a-baby-soon friend Kelly (her hubby works for the Saints which raised my cool factor with Guy's fam), finally meeting baby Ava!, taking Bray on a street car, and walking around the quarter.  

Guy and Bray on a street car! Bray loved it. 

Guy with his grandma, Mommy I, at Peggy Joy's house

Guy and Braylen watching Polar Express at Mommy I's house (where we stayed).
Just make yourself comfy!

Braylen showing off his musical talents.  
"Braylen, do you want to play soccer?"
"Basketball? Baseball? Football?"
"No! No! No! I want to be in the band and march."
I'm doomed.......... :)

At lunch in the French Quarter!

We came home at midnight on the 23rd and were quickly thrown into the busyness of Christmas the next day! Which sadly made things go by quickly but we were thankful to be home. We missed our YL friends and family in KY. It was nice to have snow on the ground and having a white Christmas. We worked hard this year teaching Braylen that Jesus is why we have Christmas and not Santa. We read the story of his birth on Christmas Eve and talked about it before Bray went to sleep. He wore these PJ's to bed..........

Poor kid. I got a 4T and they were still too tight. We laughed so hard! He will be so mad at me one day. Worth it. 

On Christmas morning

 Christmas night

We had a wonderful Christmas! God is so good to our family and we continue to seek his guidance for our family. We are looking forward to what He has in store for us this year. We pray that he will motivate us to love those around us and seek Him out in all that we do.

Merry Christmas! 
I mean, happy new year! 
I mean, happy birthday Guy! 
We have a lot going on this month. :)


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  1. That's awesome aboutthe gift card! The Lord provides, love to hear the story.