Sunday, January 30, 2011

One Full Month

January is always a really fun month for us (as we celebrate 3 birthdays) but it is also super busy! This month Guy went out of town the first weekend of January, the second weekend we celebrated Braylen's 3rd birthday, and the third weekend we attended the Annual YL Winter Retreat at Great Wolf Lodge. Throw in a few fun bday dinners, a UK basketball game, playing in the snow, and a bridal show-you've got yourself one full month! And now here it is the end of January! This past weekend, after Guy came home from work on Saturday, we had a fun evening of just hanging out together! It seems like with Guy's work schedule, full-time school schedule and YL, family time is hard to come by so it was so nice to just be together. Guy is our hero! He works so hard for our family and Master Provisions, all the while serving and loving those around him. 

Braylen's birthday this year was a little different. We had a small gathering of family and we also celebrated my birthday and Guy's the same night! It just seemed like a lot to throw a huge bday party this year-especially right after Christmas! We have come up with a few creative parties that we can throw him in the future but this year it was nice to have something small. We did a Mickey Mouse theme and my mom made a MMouse cake. It was so fun to see Braylen's reaction to it all. Here are a few pics from the night.

 This is the Mickey blanket I made him. 
Super homemade but it works. 

We had some friends stop by afterwards!  

A few fun things about Braylen right now:
-He tells random strangers that they are cute.
-If there is a puddle of water, he has to stomp in it.
-He has memorized a few stories and can "read" them to you.
-He talks himself out of being sad or of crying: "I'm not going to do it (cry)"
-He is using his imagination while playing with toys! So fun.

A few not so fun things about Braylen:
-He wants to watch TV all the time! We limit it everyday.
-He does NOT want to potty train.
-He sometimes says "yucky" after we kiss him. 

Happy January Birthday's Everyone!!

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