Sunday, January 9, 2011

Braylen's Birthday Week!

Hello family and friends! My little boy is turning 3 this Friday! As Little Einstein's would say "I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!" These 3 years have gone by so quickly! Braylen has grown a ton this year! He has turned into a little toddler. He continues to surprise us everyday with his vocabulary and speech (a few weeks ago he told me that our Christmas tree was beautiful-now he says that word all the time). He LOVES music and LOVES to come up with songs. His favorite instruments are drums and trumpets. He will use whatever is on hand to make music-spoons, cooking utensils, toy golf name it. His new interests are playing tackle and pretending to be a cowboy (he says, "come on partner!"). 

Braylen is as sweet as can be. He is still very cuddly and loving; giving us hugs and kisses. Sometimes he'll just put his arm around me and say, "mommy, I love you." He seems to be very kind towards other kids and wants to play with everyone. He has his moments but for the most part he is very considerate of those around him. 

We look forward to him learning more about God's word and applying it to his life. It's never too early to start right? The way that he memorizes songs shows me that he is ready to memorize some bible verses. 

This year will bring so many new challenges and experiences (he wants nothing to do with potty training! ugh!!) and we look forward to this age group. He is able to sign up for soccer, t-ball, preschool, music lessons.......... so many new things!

Here is one of my favorite videos of Braylen around 8 months old! Braylen and I had a fun time going through videos of him as a baby. We laughed and laughed. I told him that he was the baby in the video but he doesn't believe me. :) 


P.S. Braylen does not want anything for his birthday except for a yellow Mickey Mouse cake.  It's the small things. Good thing my mom is an excellent cake baker. 

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  1. It's mini Braylen! Sam liked this video. He looked so confused why he couldn't reach the video camera, sneaky mom kept pulling it away. :)