Sunday, February 7, 2010


We went to Crossroads Church last night with some friends of ours. It's a huge church in Cincinnati. You can get more info here from their website. They are doing a sermon series on "Manly" and what the bible says about being a real man. Unfortunately the world's idea of being a man is so far from God's truth. For example, James 4:6 says "God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble." Think about how much we hear from media how important your pride is!! Especially for men. Sick. That's just one example.

The sermon last night gave an example from the account of Samuel and Dahlia from the book of Judges. Dahlia seduced him until he revealed the secret of why and how God has allowed him to become so powerful. Samuel was so prideful and thought he was untouchable. These two factors: pride and seduction, basically led to the death of Samuel. It made me think about how hard it must be for Christian men to stay strong in their faith. There are so many things around them pulling them to invest in things that are not lasting. But it wasn't just Samuel who played a part in this. Dahlia played a huge part! It made me think about my "part" or my role as Guy's wife. Not that I am seducing anyone!!!!!! But how am I affirming my manly man? :)How am I spurring him on to love God and love others? (Matt. 22:37-39). My responsibility as a wife/stay at home mom is not just to keep the house in order but it is to respect, love and encourage my husband.

By the way-I do not do that very well but it's so good to be reminded about it. How are you loving the manly men around you? :)


  1. i just got caught up on the last three posts...

    1. that series sounds really cool. i'd love for ben & i to listen to that together.
    2. LOST. oh my goodness. i just feel crazy. i have SO many questions. if you have any theories shoot them my way. i'm pun intended.
    3. i'm so sorry about braylen but SO glad that he's home and healthy. how scary for you & Guy. The Lord is so good though.

    <3 you
    Have the best week!

  2. what a good reminder. i just finished reading john eldredges new book called Love and War-it is about marriage and is excellent! so encouraging. thanks for the reminder!