Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Drive Thru Diet

Hello! We have been like the energizer bunny.....going....and going.....and going! We are finally home from our road trips! We drove down to New Orleans to visit Guy's family last week and then drove with my parents to visit Jess and Vince in Charlotte! Here are a few "highlights":

New Orleans:
1) Guy took off Friday and Monday so we were able to spend 3 whole days in New Orleans!

2) We left Thursday at 5pm and had reserved a hotel in Tuscaloosa, AL-about 8 hours away. We never made it to the hotel! We stopped around Louisville to eat dinner at Taco Bell around 6:30pm. At 7pm, I came down with a stomach virus-I'm just assuming it was food poisoning because I felt sick immediately. The rest of the night was filled with stops at gas stations throughout KY, TN, and AL. We stopped over SEVEN times so that I could vomit. Yes, I'm serious. It was horrible-2nd worse pain I've ever experienced (1st being labor). We never made it to our hotel because we had to stop at a different one in order for me to go to bed. Oh, did I mention that Braylen was awake until 1am? Yup. And did I also mention that Guy got sick in the middle of the night and had food poisoning as well? Yes, it was the road trip straight out of a horror movie. I guess you can say that we were on the Taco Bell "drive thru diet" for about 48 hours. I must say that I did lose a few pounds because of it. :) It took us over 24 hours to get down to New Orleans. It was awful. We're just thankful that Braylen did not get sick!

3) We felt better by Saturday and we were able to enjoy a few parades. We took Braylen to a small family parade and he loved it. Guy and I went to a parade called Bachus down in the French Quarter and it was so fun! Drew Brees was the king and we totally caught some beads that he threw! Well, not really but we did catch some beads! So fun!!

4) We had a great time with Guy's family and enjoyed staying with his grandma, Mommy I. She is so sweet and accommodating. We loved seeing his aunt and cousins as well. Brooke and Wayne are expecting their first baby (girl) this spring! They will make wonderful parents! And I'm excited to go back down next month for her shower! Yea babies!

5) We were able to stay with our awesome friends, Jason and Emily Edwards, on our way home! They live in Nashville so it was a perfect time to visit! They made us dinner and breakfast AND helped Braylen get over his fear of dogs. Well kind of. Love them!

Charlotte (this will be short and sweet):
1) I missed my sis and bro! We were so HAPPY to be down there visiting them.

2) They have a super cute apartment with an extra room for us to stay!

3) Great dinner at Presto Diner downtown Charlotte! And we were able to watch UK beat Vandy! Go CATS!

4) First visit to World Trade Market (which was awesome!) and to the Buy Buy Baby-which is a Bed, Bath, and Beyond baby store. It was so cool. so many great baby items!

This week we will be getting back to our normal routine-YMCA!!!, naps, non-fried foods, cooking, cleaning, visiting friends, Young Life outings and meetings.

Have a great week!

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