Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Love John Locke

Okay, so I know that John Locke from LOST is not a real person.....but I love him! It might be because he looks like my dad:

but seriously. I just feel awful for him-he was almost killed by his own father, he's in a wheelchair, he lost the love of his life, no one likes him because they think he's crazy, he's always confused, and he was killed by Benjamin Linus. Oh, and now the "monster" has taken residence in his body. Can it get any worse? :) Talk about a hard imaginary life. ugh. And there is always sad music playing during his scenes. Give the guy a break! I will be so upset if this story doesn't end semi-happily for him.

Also, how in the world is the island underwater? What's going to happen? Now that Locke really is dead, who is going to show them that there is hope to be found. Who will spur them on towards something greater?

Well sorry if you haven't seen the LOST premier and I just gave away a few things and sorry if you've never seen the show.

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