Saturday, February 6, 2010

Hospitals and medicine

We have had one absolutely crazy week! Braylen came down with a cold last Saturday and by Thursday we had to take him to the emergency room! Scariest night of my life!

Mon-Wed he had a fever of 102 every single night. He started coughing more by Wed and he was not getting better. He's such a trooper though. I took him to the doctors Thursday morning (which he started crying as soon as he saw the building-he thought he was getting a shot) and they wanted him to get a chest xray to make sure he didn't have phenomena or however you spell it. I didn't hear back from the doctor's office all day and by that evening he was just getting worse. So I called the radiology dept at the hospital to try and get the results-they paged the on call doctor at practice Bray goes to-he called us like 30 minutes later and said he possibly has viral phenomena and we needed to take him to the emergency room right away. WHAT??!!! I was so upset. I'm so thankful to have Guy as my husband. He just held it together and was very patient with me. I was really frustrated with the doctors office for not calling us with the results or offering a prescription. Anyways. We drove to the hospital and by then his temperature rose from 102 to 103.6. Poor thing. He was so sick and weak. It was so horrible to see him like that. They put us in a room where we waited for about 2 hours-Braylen got some medicine and they double checked the xray. Braylen was much better after the medicine and he went from laying with me on the bed to jumping on the bed. yes. jumping. I have proof on my phone. He's so crazy. So he was diagnosed with a respiratory virus and we were allowed to go. I just kept thinking and praising God that we have a hospital to go to. I can't imagine not being able to take him somewhere to get better. ugh. it's just awful to think about sick babies not getting better!

So we all survived our first ER experience. Braylen is feeling much better and has not had a fever since Thursday. He is still coughing but not as much. He is learning and growing so much right now. He's definitely wanting to be more independent-wants to do everything on his own. He has a few new things to say: mobie (for movie), buh bye da-da (he says that to everyone not just Guy), aw man, and he actually says love you. Well I can tell he's saying it. :)

We are definitely blessed. Guy is working so hard in school. He's enjoying his online classes but has found that it's much more work than face to face classes. God is good and we are finding out how important it is to fully rely and trust in Him alone. We are missing Jess and Vince and really hope to visit them by the end of this month!!

Thanks for reading!

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