Monday, July 16, 2012

Squirmy Braylen

Life with a 4 1/2 year old is pretty awesome. Braylen is becoming quite the young man. He is sweet and hilarious and energetic, all at the same time. He definitely went through a growth spurt this spring/summer. I started to notice this little growth spurt when he requested the chicken sandwich at Chick-fil-a and he would devour the whole thing plus fries. And then he would eat some of mine. He is a little over 42 inches tall and weighs about 50 pounds. Giant. He is not easy to carry up to bed after falling asleep in the car.

As much as we have talked about my mom's situation around him, he has not asked about cancer or what it means. He knows that maw-maw is sick and he loves to ask about her or to make sure she is doing ok. He just painted a wooden train for her that he said "would help her feel better." So sweet. He's very sensitive and caring of others. And despite having a few tantrums here and there, he's surprisingly polite and well-mannered. The other night, he randomly invited our waitress from O'Charley's to go to school with him and meet his teachers. He said she would like school.

I hate to admit this but he LOVES watching TV shows and movies. It is so easy to turn the TV on and go about caring for Austin or relaxing or finish chores. But he also loves to play in his room with all of his toys and could stay up there for hours! He has finally started to enjoy painting and coloring, but he would rather play in the dirt with his shovel. It's been so hot outside so we've been staying indoors more than usual.

This summer Braylen has learned how to swim by himself-with no swimmies! He can swim underwater with goggles, swim on his back, and jump off the side and swim to the ladder. He can also do a flip into the water. He's crazy. Once he did a running flip into the water and I about had a heart attack. He's done a few "accidental" dives too. He has pretty good form actually. He can ride his bike without training wheels now but is still a little shaky on it.

A few funny/sweet things he has said lately:

"Mom, you smell like a squid."
"Excuse you, squirmy."
During his prayer with my mom- "God I love maw-maw and hope she feels better. And God I hope I can go on an airplane and go to a festival."
"Austin, you are the cutest little boy in the world."
"That is so cool."
"That is embarrassing."
"Nice mom. Real nice."
"Austin is freaking out again!"

For some reason Braylen has this awesome "yee-haw" voice. Here is a video of it. It's hilarious.

He is still very cuddly and says that Guy and I are his best friends. Mommy is his best friend and daddy is his buddy. He loves Austin so much too. He tends to smother him hugs and kisses. He adores Guy. I just love seeing their relationship grow. I have a special relationship with my dad but I'm excited to watch Father/Son. Braylen is always talking about daddy and how one day he will be just like him. As much as I wanted to have a baby girl, I am SO very excited to raise a house full of boys (Guy included). :)


  1. Andrea, I love reading about your Braylen. I can picture him in my head saying those silly things and I crack up laughing! Cant wait to see his awesome swimming skills at Kaleb's bday party!

    1. Looking forward to catching up with you guys at the party! I want to go antique shopping with you sometime.

  2. Aaaww!! Love the Kids Academy shirt too! He's such a cutie! But I strongly suggest you shoot for one more --- Andrea, you NEED a girl!! You just DO!

    1. Em you are so funny. I have the worst time delivering babies! But who knows what will happen! I randomly called Guy today and told him if we ever have a girl, I know what her name will be. Ha!