Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Annual Trip to New "Er-lens"

Last month we took a trip down to New Orleans to visit Guy's family. We were so excited to go!! 1) Because my in-laws were joining us, 2) Guy's cousin Brooke had a baby boy 3 days after Austin was born (besties!), and 3) Braylen could ride a street car! We always have the best time visiting family in New Orleans. There are so many fun things to do! The city is just full of excitement and of course food! Also my friend Kelly and her family lives there- so it's like I have friends to visit too. :) 

Guy's parents, Jon and Peggy, allowed our crew to join them on the 12 hour road trip. Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but when you are nursing a baby every 3 hours, a 12 hour trip can easily turn into 16. Which it did. The trip down and back wasn't terrible but it was long! Thank goodness for portable DVD players, iphone's, Kindle's. Kindle's are awesome. Seriously. 

Our time included a small family reunion, a craw fish boil, a stroll through the Quarter, shopping on Magazine Street, exploring the Aquarium, dinner at Kelly's house in the North Shore, riding the Street Car, eating beignets, and dining at lots of our favorite restaurants (and some new ones!). 2 new favorite restaurants are Joey K's on Magazine Street and K Paul's Louisiana Kitchen in the Quarter, where I had the BEST honey chicken po-boy with fried onion strings. So. Good. 

We had a great time! Looking forward to our next visit! 

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