Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1/2 Way There! & Birthdays

I just finished reading this awesome book called "Love Does" by Bob Goff. Bob became a Christian through Young Life in high school and was a YL leader for a few years in college. He has these crazy life experiences and stories that literally don't seem real. I've been telling people that each chapter you read is like a club talk. He tells a short story and then relates it to scripture or to the character of Jesus. I love it. 

I've been so inspired by this book. "Love Does" is an outward expression of LOVE! It's not just people "saying" I love you but actually LOVING them, "with actions and in truth." Bob seems to be an "all in" type of person. With everything and everyone. He's a participant instead of a spectator. I've been thinking about my mom a lot during this book. This trial with my mom has been the hardest experience of my life. She is the only one who can physically experience what it's like to have cancer, but we are still "all in" with her. WE are FIGHTING with her. WE only have 9 more weeks of chemo. WE only have 3 more cycles to go. WE are 1/2 way finished! 

Guy always laughs at me when I use the word "we." I use it a lot. For example:
I will say to Guy:

"We need to cut the grass."
"We need to paint the kitchen."
"We need to put away the outdoor toys."
"We need to clean the bathroom."

You get the picture. And he always says "you mean I need to do these things." :) I'm sure this is a common phrase in most marriages. But that is truly how I see myself. As a "WE." As a partnership and family. And that's how I feel about mom. If someone asks me how she is doing, I'll tell them that she is doing great and moving along and that WE are almost through the treatments. I don't know if that is offensive to some people who have gone through something like cancer. But I don't care. Obviously, I will never know the extent of my mom's pain or even her fearful thoughts. But she will know that she is not alone and that Jesus is constant, real and always present. 

Mom just had her birthday a few days ago. She told me that birthdays have a whole new meaning to her now. They sure do! To celebrate her life is so special and amazing. And if you can believe this, mom spent her birthday shopping for someone else! I love that. The boys and I joined her to find a few bday items for Kaleb's 1 year bday party for next weekend. Afterwards we had dinner at her fav place  (TGIFridays -of all the places!) and ice cream at Orange Leaf. We gave her some presents and took a few pictures. We had just returned from a spontaneous trip from Charlotte to surprise the Meiman's but we did miss my sister and her family. Looking forward to seeing them next week again. 

Happy birthday to our sweet and strong mom. You are almost finished! Keep fighting! Keep the faith!