Saturday, May 5, 2012

Chemo-Week 1

My mom (Linda) was supposed to begin her first round of chemo treatments last week but she came down with an infection from her surgery so they pushed it back to this week. They also changed up her treatments so they will be less "demanding" on her body. For 18 weeks she is going to the Cancer Care Center once or twice a week. The first week she goes on Thursday for 3 hours of chemo and then on Friday for 5-6 hours of chemo. The next week she goes on Thursday for 5-6 hours and she will possibly go on Friday as well. The third week she goes on Thursday for 2 hours for blood work. That is considered 1 cycle. She has 6 cycles.

My sister, Jessica, flew in from Charlotte on Wednesday with my nephew Kaleb. It's been nice to have them here for extra support for mom and dad (Ken). Jess went with my mom on Thursday (May 3) for her first treatment. The chemo is pumped into her body through a port they surgically imported into her shoulder. Since you're not allowed to bring kids back in the room, Jess sat outside with Austin so that I can sneak a few minutes alone with my mom during her treatment. The room is lined with recliners along the wall and there are patients sitting there hooked to an IV. What a surreal experience knowing that every single person is there for one reason. Some of the women wore scarves and others had their heads exposed. I had to try really hard to hold back my tears! Never in my life did I ever imagine sitting with my mom while she received chemo. She continues to amaze me as she courageously accepts this phase of her life. Afterwards, she said she felt pretty good. Her text message was "so far so good!" And she ate cheeseburger for dinner! :) Her only symptoms that night was not being able to sleep. The nurse told her to take some tylenol PM's to help with that.

Friday's treatment was a little more difficult because the chemo is given through an IV into a port in her abdomen, so she has to lay in a hospital bed for 5-6 hours. We've been told that some women refuse to go on with this treatment after the first week because it's so physically demanding on their bodies (nauseous, tiredness, etc). Her symptoms today (Saturday) have been complete exhaustion but no nausea. There is some pain in her stomach but she has been able to eat! Praise God for an appetite! She is taking her meds like clock work and keeping her stomach full by eating every few hours. We are hoping and praying that no other symptoms creep up and by tomorrow or Monday she starts to have more energy.

I've never fully understood what it meant to fight for your life during cancer/chemo. I know that we have a long, difficult road ahead but I see my mom FIGHTING! I see my dad and my family fighting. We're in this battle together. My mom is not only fighting against cancer but she has to ward off reactions to chemo. And more importantly she has to fight against negative thoughts that creep into her heart. She continues to desire to seek JOY in the midst of her suffering. She acknowledges Jesus as her true physician and knows that he is in control.

Please join us in praying for my mom! Pray that she doesn't have any symptoms from the chemo. Pray for complete healing! And pray that she continues to fight her thoughts (that was a special request from my mom).

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will rest in the shadow of the Almighty." Psalm 91:1

Week 1-Finished!
17 more to go!


  1. Yay for one week's treatment DONE!!! Praying for you all.

  2. Andrea and Family - Thank you for these updates. I am praying for you all. I'm glad Jess was able to be here this week with you. Stay strong!
    Lori Gohs

  3. Congrats on your new little one, but we will be praying for your mom!

  4. praying andrea, thanks for sharing