Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sports Wreaths

This year I decided to try my hand at a few homemade gifts. I drew my mom's name for our family's gift exchange, and after browsing on pinterst, I came across a UK wreath that was so cute! The wreath was being sold from a shop on Etsy for $50! I wasn't sure if I could do it but I decided to try! I made one for my mom and an LSU one for Guy's mom.

I loved how they turned out! The difference btw mine and the ones off Etsy are that she uses wooden initials for the schools. I just used foam lettering, which was pretty difficult to cut but it served its purpose. I think I made the LSU too large but for my first time, it came out pretty good.

I would really love to start making them more and offer them for sale! If you are interested in an order, let me know!

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