Monday, November 14, 2011

The Honeymoon

Happy Honeymoon!!

babies. was this really only 5 years ago??
on top of the Mayan Ruins

Shortly after we arrived to our hotel after the wedding reception, we had to leave around 5am to go to the airport. We even missed our complimentary breakfast! We were flying to Cozumel, Mexico to stay at the Cozumel Palace. It was a very short flight but as soon as we arrived, my new groom starting feeling sick. Headache, stomache pains, feeling weak..... perfect timing! I remember having to go down to the resort store to buy him some medicine, and everything was in a different language. That was fun. We had "Mexican Tylenol" for a few months after the honeymoon. :)

Our resort was so beautiful and right on the ocean. We stayed for 10 days! We had so much fun! It was all inclusive so we could eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. Chocolate cake brought to your room before dinner? Why not! Steak? Sure! We mostly layed out by the pool and used the on-site snorkel equipment to swim in the ocean. Although, Guy is not the type of person who likes to sit and lay out. He didn't even bring a book to read! He has since changed his ways...well sort of. He would still rather be up and playing on the beach, rather than laying. I have no idea why but that's why I love him! We also signed up for a scuba diving lesson but they canceled it due to weather. One day we'll go back and do it!

We took a tour to the Mayan Ruins (one of them-I can't remember the name) and spent some time in Cancun. We rented a Jeep Wrangler for the day and toured the island of Cozumel. It only takes a little under 2 hours to drive the entire island. We saw a wild pig too. We were located 15 minutes (on foot) away from the "city" so we would walk there and visit shops or local restaurants.

It was such a beautiful island! We were fortunate to go back a few years after our honeymoon while we were on a cruise with our friends! That time we were told of a local beach where you can lay on beach chairs and snorkel in the ocean. It was so fun! And we finally ate at Coconuts! During our honeymoon, someone told us to eat at Coconuts and for some dumb reason, we chose not to. I am glad we went there during the cruise! It sits on top of a mountain and overlooks the ocean. It's litarally a tiki hut with plastic tables everywhere, but the views were amazing and the food was great!

What a blessing it was to be on a beautiful trip with my best friend and new husband! I really hope we can go back to Cozumel with our little family one day.


  1. Were glad that we were able to go back with you guys, what a fun trip!--Maria

  2. this is such a fun post! times flies, doesn't it? :)

  3. I just found your blog via Fly Through Our Window comment-hoping. We are so similar! We have been married 5 years and my boys are now 6 months and 2 and a half. My boys love eachother so much; I always thought I wanted a girl, but now I couldnt imagine life without my little darling boys! Hope you have a great weekend, xo

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