Monday, October 24, 2011

Big Brudder

Braylen has been cracking us up lately! A few weeks ago, the two of us went to the park behind our house. I was on the phone talking to a friend but I let him out of the car to walk over to the swing set. I noticed that there was only one other mom and her little boy there. Braylen gets out of the car and screams "Is there anybody here that wants to play with me? Anyone?" It was hilarious. I was like hmm....well there is one kid here. The other mom laughed too, which was a good ice breaker so we got to talking for a bit while the boys played. She was pregnant too but still in that super sick stage (thank the good Lord that stage is over for me!!). She went to get some snacks to help with her nausau and while she was eating, Braylen came up to her and said "ohhh I'm sooo hungry!" bah!! He said, "can I have some of your snacks?" It was so funny. He kept bugging her even though I asked him to stop and she was so sweet to share her wheat thins with my crazy kid.

Guy and Braylen road their bikes to the playground yesterday. I mean when did my little baby boy grow up? My parents friends found him a bike at a yard sale for $7. Awesome. It's a real bike with training wheels. And he does a great job riding it. He's a natural. Here's a picture from when he rode in the "dark."

Braylen is not shy at all. He will go up to anyone and ask them if they are okay or ask them what they did that day. I have always asked the Lord to use him to bring joy to those around him and bring glory to Him. I really hope that Braylen continues to be excited about the people around him. Last week, we went up to MP's warehouse to visit with Guy and he had a girl there working who needed some community service hours. You could tell just by looking at her that she has had a very rough life. Braylen says, "hey mom, can I go up to him (he calls everyone a he/him/his) and say hi?" I said of course. So he just walks right up and says hello! She got a huge grin on her face and they talked for a bit. So very sweet. I love that he has no judgement towards anyone. Wouldn't you love to have that type of childlike sweetness? Just pure joy and love for those around you.

Our family has certainly been very busy. Guy works so hard for our family balancing school, work and YL. He has class every night of the week: M-Th. Craziness! I know that he is so very tired but when he has time with our family he plays and goofs around with Braylen. It's usually the two of them sneaking up behind me to "sqiurt me" and then they run off and hide. This Wednesday we find out if we are having a boy or girl! I can't wait! I am definitely NOT one of those mom's who likes to wait and be surprised. I was already surprised when I found out we were pregnant! Good enough for me. :) Besides Braylen will have so much fun telling people that he'll have a little brother or sister. He already tells complete strangers that he's going to be a big brudder. People look at me like oh really? and check to see if it's true. Which right now I just look chubby!! But I smile and say yes it's true.

I'm thinking that we need to get Bray a little camera for Christmas this year because I'm finding too many pictures like this on our camera:

Have a great week! I'll come back soon with details from our ultra sound!

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