Thursday, September 15, 2011

Life Lately....

Braylen started preschool last Tuesday and while it was hard for me to "let him go," he could have cared less. He is loving it and his teacher said he's going to be "one of the leaders of the class." I can believe that because it seems like we are FOLLOWING him all day long. :) I shed a few tears when I said goodbye AND I had to go into the classroom to give him a hug and a kiss because he left without one!! He is much more welcoming when I come to pick him up. He never wants to talk about school afterwards. "Stop asking me questions, mom" or "I didn't do anything, mom." Whatever......

I did receive a text message from my cousin Jenna which said that she heard that Braylen let out the hermit crabs from their cage. oops. on his first day of school. oops. The teachers didn't tell me anything so I asked her who told her. She said-his teacher told my friends mom, who is also a teacher, and then she told me. Ha. I guess he's already making quite the impression. Gotta keep them on their feet!

First day of school pic-making a silly face. 

Once I hit 6 weeks of being pregnant, I became super, super sick! Nauseous all day long and I was "getting sick" a few times a week. On top of that I was super exhausted. Oh man it was awful. Braylen watched so much tv and my sister said she's never seen my house look so messy. :) It was so hard to go through normal routine. Braylen heard me say that I was so sick because there's a baby in my belly WAY too many times, that he started to believe he was sick because of the baby in his belly. :) The thought of food was just horrible. I think I made dinner for our family twice in 6 or 7 weeks. I just couldn't do it. I was a little nauseous with Braylen, but I would just eat a cracker or two and feel better. Not with this baby! I wonder it the baby is a girl! Just in case it is a girl, I went ahead and bought two dresses last week. :) BabiesRUS was having a buy one, get one free and everything was marked down. I couldn't resist! I kept the receipt. 

I started to feel better over Labor Day weekend-Family Camp! It was a wonderful weekend and Braylen barely hung out with us. He "traveled" to everyone else's camper and hung out with them. He gave camper tours and put on few shows for people. Also singing and marching with a stick in his hand. I managed to snag this pic of him in the "hammock." 

Look at those beautiful eyes.

We finally bought a car! After 6 months of being a one car family/driving/wrecking other peoples cars (seriously), the Lord led us to a great "new" car for our family. After having so many problems with our mini van, we were so nervous to buy something else. Every time we would test drive a car at a dealership, I would feel sick about it. This car we bought from an owner, and I just felt comfortable in. They knocked off $500 from the asking and we decided to buy it. What a huge burden lifted. You can read our journey to a new vehicle here

Have a wonderful weekend!

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