Monday, August 9, 2010


Wow. I can't believe it's already week 2 of August! This summer has flown by. We had a great night tonight at HOME! One of the rare evenings that we are actually here. As we are still so super tight on our budget, I have been coming up with new (and cheap) meals to prepare. I have discovered a new love for cookbooks! I love my Betty Crocker (wedding) edition and found a recipe for Red Beans and Rice. Guy grew up in New Orleans and I have come to really love the food down there! Well, minus the seafood, which is basically all they serve in NOLA but I love the non-seafood stuff like Red Beans and Rice! Guy's family is down there visiting and since we were unable to make the trip, I decided to feed my addiction and whip up a batch of it. I love Red Beans and Rice! There is an awesome restaurant down there called Zea's (yum!!) that serves this dish and it is soooo good. Tonights meal was pretty good too, although Guy was looking for a bit more flavor. You can pretty much flavor anything though with hot sauce. :) Did I just say that? weird.

Anyways. After our meal, Guy took Braylen on a bike ride and I went to JoAnne's Fabric. Have I told you that I am learning to sew? I'm super excited. I made a few burp cloths and a baby blanket. Then we all met up at Dairy Queen for some "pream." We split a small blizzard into 3 cups-which comes out to about $1 a person. Not bad. We have been saving change so we were able to use some of that. What a great way to end the night.

Braylen has been so sweet lately. He told me that he loved me all on his own the other day.

My. heart. melted.

How can one little person change your life so much? He came up to me tonight and just wrapped his arms around my leg and said "hug!" I just want to squeeze him all day long. He truly is an amazing little boy.

He continues to teach us more and more about the unfailing, always committed, never ending love of our Heavenly Father. What an awesome example of God's love for us.

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