Friday, August 27, 2010

The Last Week of Summer

Braylen has been such a momma's boy lately (WHICH I LOVE AND HOPE THAT HE STAYS THAT WAY FOREVERRRRRR! sorry Guy!) but it is so sweet to see him want to be like his daddy. I wish you could have seen the way Braylen's face lit up when Guy strolled into our living room on Monday wearing a shirt and tie. Braylen was so excited and said "Braylen tie too? Braylen shirt too?" I said you want to wear a shirt and tie too like daddy? "Yea! Like dada!" So up we went to his room-he picked out a blue button up shirt (from Easter) and Guy helped him put on his tie. It was so adorable. We put him in some khaki's too. Braylen would go up to Guy the rest of the day and stand right next to him and say "Pants! Tie! Shirt!" It was so cute. He also kept hugging us and saying "thank you." Oh are welcome!!!!!!

We attended a funeral that day for a coworker of Guy's who died suddenly of a stroke. Tom was a believer and my family has known his family for many years. The service was a worship service and it was amazing. Tom knew the Lord and so it was very comforting to everyone he left behind. Braylen did a great job that day. He was very well behaved and went around to everyone, and I mean everyone, showing them his tie. And he sang his little heart out while we were singing hymns. He of course had no idea what he was saying but he didn't care. He sang loud and proud. My mom was holding him and she knew all the words. It was so precious. I think he knew we were singing to Jesus. :) Afterwards an older man came up and said to my mom, "I so enjoyed watching your grandson." I pray every night that the Lord would use Braylen to share the gospel and to bring joy to those around him. Of course Braylen has his moments, but he is so personable with people. He will stop and "talk" to anyone who makes eye contact with him. I don't know if that is how the Lord is using him at 2 years old but I like to think so.

Braylen and I were watching daddy cut the grass one day this week, and he says "Braylen cut grass too?" SURE! We went and got his little mower and he followed Guy around with that little thing for a while. Of course when Guy got too close to him, he ran away. Here are a few pics of the boys working hard.

Look at how happy Braylen is!

Working so hard!

We are attending a wedding this weekend for a child hood friend of mine. The house we are in now is the house he grew up in! We are excited! And next weekend is family camp!

We hope that you enjoy your last few week or so of summer!


  1. he is just too sweet! i cant believe how fast they grow. glad your summer has gone so well!

  2. um that is stinking adorable. also your blog doesn't update in my blogger so i never know when you've posted :(

    braylen is just like a little man! a precious little man. i think God's using him too...