Thursday, March 18, 2010


So the past few days I have had a stalker. He appears when least expected. I try to avoid him by sneaking into other rooms but he manages to find me.

That's right. It's ELMO! Do you see how he floats around scaring and spying on us all? We got this balloon for Braylen's birthday party in JANUARY! He's continued to "stay alive" since then but we just "cut him loose" from Braylen's chair and he's been terrorizing us since. Braylen loves him. He says "WOW!" as Elmo just floats around the house. He loves Elmo.

Last night when we were going to sleep, Guy said how crazy would it be if Elmo opened our door and came into our room when we were sleeping? We got a good laugh about that one............And then I went into the living room to make sure he couldn't follow us. Seriously. How creepy would it be to find ELMO staring at you in your sleep? super creepy. Have you heard his laugh? Or seen his smirk up close? Here is a better picture.

You've been warned.


  1. Ha Ha so funny! That would be scary to wake up to that. But you do wake up to Guy every morning!!! J/K

  2. this is so funny! i cannot believe it has lasted that long! what did they put it in!?!?

  3. ha just helium! it has lasted so long!