Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In the past 5 days, we have gone from this

sleeping in the crib
to this

sleeping in a toddler bed!
(Braylen jumped in his new bed and said "night, night")

That's right. My sweet little baby boy is no longer a baby! Braylen is officially sleeping in a toddler bed (and really needs to be in a twin size because he's so tall) and I no longer refer to him as a baby but as a boy!!!!!!! That just seems weird to me. Anyways. This past Friday, I put him down for his 4 hour afternoon nap!!, and I sat down to finally eat my lunch (and catch up on What Not To Wear-thanks to on demand) and my heart stopped when I heard someone walking down the steps. I didn't hear A THING on the monitor! I walked over and there he was! Just grinning away, like he had just walked on the moon or something. He was so proud of himself for climbing out of his crib. The next 48 hours were the hardest. He would not stay in his crib for anything-despite multiple time outs and smacks on the hand. It was like he had tasted freedom and was never going back.

Someone had given us a toddler bed so Guy cleaned it up and got it ready for Braylen to sleep in it on Sunday night. And just like that, the crib was gone and with it, all my hopes and dreams of having 4 hour naps for the rest of my life (or until preschool). Braylen does not like to stay in his bed and we are in the process of training him to sleep in it. He has been waking up in the middle of the night and at like 6:00 in the morning. No thank you! He might be teething so hopefully that has something to do with it but we are all really exhausted. He is so used to taking wonderfully long naps, and now he is down to about 2 hours-which is great, but he really has been super tired at the end of the night.

AND super energetic! He really has gone through a huge transformation! When I picked him up from child watch at the Y, two workers came out and said "who is this kid? It's like he's a new person!" And then they explained everything that he did during his 45 minute stay:

-turned on and off the tv
-threw all of the dvd's on the floor
-climbed on top of the table
-climbed on top of the book shelf
-trashed the bathroom
-and knocked two little girls on the ground

WHAT????? They were fine with it and said that he is just going through a phase and is still a sweet boy, but my goodness. I think we are entering the terrible two stage...................sigh. I thought I had this parenting thing figured out. guess not.

But take heart! Braylen still loves to cuddle up and sit on my lap. He is so sweet. We will all survive.

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  1. Oh what a fun stage Braylen is going through! I guess he's starting to act like his father, pushing little girls down. HaHa just kidding. Well I can't wait to see all of this first hand. I miss you guys so much!!!