Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So bad at keeping up with this....

Well, I can't believe it's the first day of Fall! Time sure does go by quickly. We have had an amazing summer! We went to 4 weddings, Young Life camp in Virginia, Clearwater Beach, and on Family Camp! So many fun times and memories. We also threw my mom and dad a 30th Anniversary Surprise party! We had over 40+ of my parents friends and family come and celebrate this rare and special event! We had a great time and my parents were so surprised! What a great night!

My parents are so cute and they are still so in love. They have set a wonderful example for us. God is so good and I'm so thankful that my parents made a decision to follow him. I've just been learning so much about how the choices and decisions you make today really do reflect and change the outcome of your future. And not just for yourself but for everyone around you.

We also went on the annual Labor Day Family
Camping trip a few weeks ago to Brookeville!
We had a blast! Braylen had a great time & loved being outdoors all day long. There were two
highlights of the trip: 1) Fried oreo's!! Yum!, 2) Mom saying, "it's on the loose!"-referring to a boat that came loose and was rolling down the street. It eventually crashed into the woods and managed to not hit anything else along the way. It was crazy. Here is a picture of our family on the last day.

Guy is in the midst of trying to balance working
full-time, going to school full-time, being a dad full-time, being a husband full-time, and being a Young Life leader FULL-TIME! He is our hero! He has been working so incredibly hard for our family. He is so anxious to be a teacher. If only he could speed through school!

Next month is my cousin Sara's wedding which we are excited about. Jessica is a bridesmaid and Braylen is the ring bearer! I'm so anxious to see if he will walk down the aisle. It could go either way. He might love it and wave to everyone or he'll just be super shy. Hopefully he will get a good nap in him beforehand. For Jess and Vince's wedding, he fell asleep right before going down the aisle in his stroller. So cute!

Thanks for checking in! I will be posting more things for sure!

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