Monday, June 25, 2012

Chemo Cycle #3 & The Surprise Carpet

Since my last post on June 4th, my mom's white blood cell count was still too low to begin her treatment. Her last treatment on May 24th and 25th really took a huge toll on her body! She tried to receive chemo the following two weeks and her count was still too low. Crazy! But her doctor decided to not push her schedule back and just skip her day 8 treatment (in a 3 week period, she receives treatment on day 1, day 2, day 8 and blood work on day 15). She was a little apprehensive to receive this news but Dr. S reassured her that her body is responding well to the chemo and it's not a set back. Mom actually had 4 weeks off from getting chemo! She gained her energy back, her appetite and got some extra snuggling time with baby Austin. Austin LOVES being held so it was a win-win for the both of them. :)

Mom started her third cycle this past Thursday, June 21st which was also my sister's birthday. Kind of bittersweet. Jess was away at Young Life camp ministering to some sweet high school girls. Mom found out that her CA-125 test (which is a blood test that they use as a tumor marker) was at a low number of 18! Her original number during surgery was 120! You can have a number of 35 and NOT have cancer. We are so very excited for this and thankful that the chemo is doing its job. She went through her hard treatment on Thursday and Friday and recovered over the weekend. She was very tired, super exhausted and a little bit nauseated. However I don't think it hit her body as hard as before. Mom! You are so very strong and an amazing example of courage and sacrifice. We love you so much!

Please continue to pray for our mom. Pray that our TRUE PHYSICIAN heals her body 100% and that the chemo continues to do it's job. Pray for her thoughts and for peace, as it is hard controlling her wandering mind. Our family verse has always been John 14:1 "Do not let your hearts be troubled; trust in God, trust also in me." It's amazing how we are forced to live this out now. How easy it is to trust in the "seen." Doctors, medicine, people; even things like sleep, comfort, relaxation, media, etc. Please capture our hearts Lord so that we are only trusting in you!

The next two and a half weeks look like this:

Thursday, June 28th: Day 8 treatment
Thursday, July 5th: Blood work
Monday, July 9th: MOM'S BIRTHDAY! We're so excited because she will have an off week during her birthday! Looking forward to some extra special birthday fun!

As an early birthday present, my parents came home to a super fun surprise after her treatment this past Thursday. They have an AMAZING group of friends who LOVE them so well. Prior to my mom's diagnosis, my dad had been working on refinishing the basement. Here is the video of the their surprise via YouTube! Please keep praying! If you want their address, message me-she still LOVES getting cards.

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