Friday, June 17, 2011


Taking a walk in Mommy I's neighborhood in New Orleans

One of my most favorite things to do when it's nice outside, is go for a walk! I love it! The summer before our wedding I walked and walked and walked and walked! And lost about 15 pounds. :) Most of the time my dad joined me on the walk, and we had (what I like to call it) a "walk talk." A walk talk is the best for great conversation and one on one time. It's just the two of you! I really treasure that time with my dad too! I try to walk as much as I can but it's hard dragging a 3 1/2 year old through neighborhoods-especially now that he doesn't want to ride in the stroller. He's too cool for that.

Walking is so great for staying in shape but it allows you to be intentional with your thoughts and prayers. You're not distracting by the laundry that needs to be folded or the dishes in the sink......I guess you could be thinking of those things though! :) It's just you and the Lord. Last Friday morning, my mother in law Peggy, watched Braylen for a little bit so that I could walk her neighborhood. It was so great! I listened to Shane and Shane's "Psalm's" album on my ipod and loved every second of it.

Braylen and I walked (well he rode) over to Mall Road a few days ago. We stopped at the grocery store and Old Navy. It's nice to be in walking distance to the store as we still only have one car right now. sigh. Anyways. I let Bray get out and run around next to the old movie theater. He loved it. He walked up the steps to the theater and started trying to open the doors, and one of them was actually OPENED! So we walked around the deserted lobby, played in the concession area, roamed the empty theaters......... totally kidding!!!! I was like ugh...let's get out of here Braylen. I don't know why but it totally freaked me out that the doors were unlocked. I mean who could possibly be in there! :) It was only 11am but who cares? I've seen plenty of scary movies and Law & Order episodes to know not to go in there.

But back to walking real fast. I was thinking about how awesome it will be to walk in Heaven. You can talk your little heart out and not have to worry about walking faster to burn calories. Wonderful.

This weekend is Father's Day! I am sooooo incredible blessed to have the greatest dad ever. Seriously. I also have an awesome father in law who is going to host a Father's Day dinner and grill out some amazing food. You should be jealous because everything he makes is delicious.

Guy! Braylen and I love you so much! Thank you for loving and serving us. Braylen says Happy Father's Day daddy!

Have a great weekend!


  1. You're right, if anyone wants to walk dad hops right up to walk with you!! Miss you guys, tell guy happy fathers day!

  2. Found your blog after searching for the name Braylen. We have a Braylen too and its not too common :) Love it!