Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Break.......

Guy had a spring break last week. Kind of. He still had to work everyday, including Friday night and Saturday night. And had two papers due. And a test. Seriously. What is wrong with teachers who assign homework during the break? So my super-awesome-doesn't-complain husband did not really have much of a break. I tried to make it a fun week: we went to IKEA! :) And that's about it. 

Braylen and I did make a trip down to Bowling Green last week to watch my dad ref in the girls state tournament! It was a lot of fun. We stayed in a nice hotel with a pool and watched a few of the bball games. My dad did great! They pick the best ref from each region so he was one of 16 refs in the entire state of KY picked for the tourney. He is a really good ref too. Very humble, smart, and encouraging to the girls. I like that about my dad. My mom was there too-which she never goes to many of his games around here because she gets so mad at people/fans yelling at him. People are seriously crazy. Anyways. It was a fun time. We stayed from Thursday until Saturday morning.

This week Braylen came down with a pretty bad cold. Wednesday was a bad day but he is feeling better now that we have given him daily breathing treatments for his asthma. I feel so uneducated about how to treat asthma! I need like an asthma for dummies book. I really pray that he grows out of it as he gets older. It doesn't seem to bother him at all. He is such a little trooper. 

Some funny Braylen moments:
-He found a wedding picture of me and Guy and said there's daddy and princess mommy! How cute is that? 
-He has a little silver baby cup that he fills with water and calls it his coffee. "Don't drink this mom. It's hot."
-He sings "pee pee on the potty" and dances each time he goes to the bathroom.
-After we had dinner one night, he came to me and said "thank you for making the food, mommy." So sweet. Guy didn't even tell him to say that! :)
-This morning he was looking for me and said: "What are you doing mom? Are you making food?" I said no. He said "are you going potty?" yup. He knows me all too well. 

We are looking forward to some spring activities. Going to the zoo, walking to the park behind our house, celebrating Easter, and one of my BFF's wedding! Speaking of.....we are throwing her a bridal shower and it has been really fun looking at party ideas. I think that if I moved out all of our living room and dining room furniture AND knocked down a wall, I think I could do this:

I'm going to go ask Guy. You never know.................


  1. Awe I love your dad! He was the best coach ever!

  2. I just read your entire post backwards because I was too intrested in the pic at the bottom of the page and went up from there. Ben can come over and help with that wall removal :)