Saturday, July 24, 2010

You Think You Know But You Have No Idea

Braylen has been impressing me with his sneaky-ness. For example, he told me that he finished his cheerios the other day and he even put the empty bowl in the sink for me. A few hours later, I found this:

Last week I was cleaning up around the house while Braylen watched Super Why (which I am convinced he learned his ABC's by watching this crazy show), and I just called his name to see how he was doing. When he didn't answer I started to look for him. I could not find him! I went around the rooms and finally went into our room and noticed that our hamper was upside down. He was in it. Then he started walking around........

He is so funny! He is growing so much this summer! He is 3 feet 4 inches and weighs 36 pounds. He's like a little giant. I'm so proud of him too. Counting to ten, saying his ABC's....he's also strangely good with directions. He will point to which way to go when we are driving to grammy/poppy's or my mom and dad's. I think that's pretty impressive. He's also a very good cook.

Well, kind of. He doesn't know that the plastic will melt while cooking on the stove. We'll save that lesson for later.

We are having a great summer! Guy has been loving his new job and we are at 50% towards reaching our MP Support Goal (yay!) but we still have a super long way to go. We continue to be on a very tight budget (we only spent $36 in dining out for the past month! which is crazy.) and we are using the envelope system. We have tried that in the past but now that Guy only gets paid once a month, I think it will be easier to use. We are hopeful that the Lord will provide us with the remainder of our goal but we also know that we need to work hard to make process.

Here are some upcoming things that we are excited about:
-2 Weddings in August for some great friends
-A baby shower
-Family camping in Brookeville over Labor Day!
-Leader Weekend!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Braylen is awesome! The cheerio thing is hilarious!

    p.s. Maybe Rick could teach him about what happens to plastic on the stove!