Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Day! To the Daddy's.....

We had a great Father's Day weekend! Saturday we spent with my in-laws and worked all day in their yard! Weeding, trimming, mulching, cutting was hard work but the end result was great! And Jon was so grateful for the help! I really like working in the garden! Then we had a big cookout! Thanks Jon for being a wonderful father to Guy and Amy and a wonderful FIL to me! You're an awesome "poppy" and Braylen loves spending time with you! We love you!

Sunday was a great day too! We spent the entire day in the pool. Seriously. The whole day we were in water. Braylen loves swimming right now and every chance we get we are in the pool. My dad worked soooooo hard putting in their swimming pool and I love seeing him enjoy the fruits of his labor. Actually I love to enjoy the fruits of his labor. My dad is the greatest dad in the world. I love him so much! He never complains and he is ALWAYS there for us. He is such a hard worker. My dad has to work super early in the morning and I remember as a kid (well teenager) when I would wake up around 4:30am and I would see that the light was on in the living room, so I would go out there to give my dad a goodbye kiss. He would be reading his bible! He does that every morning. It is such a great memory to me! Thanks dad for being awesome! :)

Happy Father's day to my wonderful husband too! Braylen and I love you so much! I love watching Braylen light up when you are around or when he hears your car cruising down the street. You are the best daddy! My heart melts to see the two of you together! We love you!


  1. Oh, I love your Dad too!

    Did your parents get a new pool? I remember days of lemon juice and peroxide in middle school. Remember that? ha ha. Such dorks. As if lemon juice could do anything to MY hair!

  2. Everything you said about Dad I feel the same way! And about the light on in the living room! Guess we went out there different mornings! Love my family can't wait to see you!