Saturday, May 1, 2010

There's something strange in the neighborhood

A few weeks ago, I woke up out of the bed, with the lights on, and Guy was hugging me. My heart was throbbing and I was completely terrified. I just woke up from a night terror. Ever heard of them? Night terror's or sleep terrors are when you have a horrible dream that you can't wake up from and it usually involves sleep walking or screaming. They are terrifying.

I started having them when I graduated from high school. I remember one night when my parents ran into my room and turned on the light. I sat up holding my stomach and looked around the room. All of my covers were off the bed and my dresser had been knocked down. My parents said that I was banging on the wall screaming for help! And I had these red markings on my stomach. I had no idea what happened! How crazy is that!

I have had a few night terrors since Guy and I have been married and they are so scary! Guy says that I wake up screaming and screaming. What usually happens is he thinks that I'm being attacked, so he jumps on top of me and gets me out of bed to protect me-which you're not supposed to wake anyone up when they are having a night terror. When I finally come to, I actually think that I AM being attacked so I freak out even more! It's usually dark and he is shaking me to wake up. It's so horrible.

I have read up on night terror's but there is really no way around them. Has anyone ever dealt with this? Strangely Braylen has them too! You can hear him crying in the middle of the night. Like a painful, scared cry. We'll go up to check on him but he never wakes up. He just stops crying.

Well, this is one random post but it's just something that has been bothering me lately. It's such a strange thing to deal with. I bet if the ghostbusters were real, and if it was a ghost haunting me, that they could totally get rid of it for me. :)


  1. I use to have these when I was in like elementary school. I think my mom would tell me it would be nights where I was really tired. One time I was freaking out about the radio and saying "turn it off turn it off" she replied it is off and I yelled "unplug it!" then it was done. And another time I was freaking out about the wood banisters in my house. Weird stuff huh? But haven't had one in years, maybe I should warn Lauren.

  2. It is so weird! You should warn Lauren. :)

    Guy totally freaks out when it happens to me. It just intensifies everything else!

  3. Tommy had then when he was young. we would usually just try our best to wake him up-change in temp, shower, etc. he eventually grew out of them. must be scary as an adult!