Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trip to NOLA

Hello friends and family! We have been super super busy and this is the first time I've had to sit down and write an update. I'm going to break a few entries up so that it's not a super long one. But before I share about our trip to New Orleans, I wanted to update you on Guy!

Over the past few months, Guy and I have been praying about God providing him with a new job position. God is always faithful and we have been really blessed by AWE (where Guy has been these past 6 or 7 years) but A LOT of things have changed and with the economy being so crazy, Guy knew that it was time to start looking for another job. Well, a great organization called Master Provisions has offered him a wonderful position as Operations Manager. You can visit MP's website to find out more info. Guy is so exciting to join their team. MP provides clothing, accessories, jobs, etc to economically devastated countries while presenting the gospel and sharing God's love with the lost! How cool is that! Guy will be working in their warehouse packing, organizing, shipping clothes and monitoring groups who come in to volunteer. He will also travel to different churches in the US to pick up clothes and share with the church what MP is all about. He will even go on mission trips over seas! He is so exciting to be joining MP's team. I'm so excited for him. If everything works out, he will be able to start in June! We will keep you posted.

Braylen and I spent 8 days down in New Orleans! We flew out with Peggy on Tuesday, Mar. 23 and stayed with Guy's grandma, Mommy I. She has a really nice house and it's close to the airport and the french quarter! Guy's cousin Brooke is having a baby next month, so we went down for her shower. Brooke is having a baby girl and her name is Ava Bethany. How cute is that! The shower was awesome and Ava got so many cute things. We can't wait to meet her. Braylen and I stayed until the following Tuesday-we flew home together-just the two of us. It was really fun! Braylen is so super flexible and he fell asleep on the plane (which was during his nap time) and didn't even wake up when we landed. He really is so sweet. By Tuesday, I was mega homesick and was so happy to see my even sweeter husband. I felt like I was never going to get home! Guy came to pick us up at the airport and we all had a nice little reunion!

B and I had a great trip. I LOVE going down to New Orleans. I really like the city, the people, the music, the food (minus the seafood-I could just eat red beans and rice everyday)'s just so much fun. We hope to take another trip down to visit Brooke, Wayne and Ava. Next time we'll bring Guy.

Bray with Mommy I

Playing office


  1. Andrea,
    Bray is so precious. I love that picture of him at the desk...he just looks so excited!!

  2. Hey miss You! Braylen is so cute! Love the one with the sunglasses and his attitude.